Top 5 Most Demanded Skills in 2021

Skill Acquisition has now become the forefront of today’s labor market with 3,000 in-demand skills from over 1 million freelancers across the globe. According to Upwork, 1.2 billion dollars has been generated just from freelancing across the globe.

Sometimes making choices on the skills to acquire can be confusing especially going for a market with high demand and a less saturated market, that’s why I have concluded the top 5 most demanded skills in 2021.

Top 5 Most Demanded Skills in 2021

Most demanding skills in 2021 has been gathered based on surveys, employment research, and other factors:

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is referred to as a component of marketing that uses internet technology in executing marketing objectives. There are various aspects of digital marketing where you can specialize in e.g copywriting, social media management, campaign management, etc.

Top 5 Most Demanded Skills in 2021

according to this the most demanded skills around the world both in employment and freelancing. The market is quite saturated but people who thrive in this market are professionals i.e those who are very skillful and adapts to trends in the industry. This is one major skill an entrepreneur should acquire for a basic understanding of managing your business online.

2. Website Development/Design

Website development is the rendering of web pages via the internet or intranet for users to interact with on multimedia devices e.g mobile phones, computers,s, etc.

Web development skills

Developing and designing a website can be done using various platforms from writing source codes to a drag and drop interface using complex internet technologies.

Over 10,000 websites are developed every day, in a report from google over 15,000 new URLs are crawled every 24 hours. Picking up this skill can be a great advantage if you have basic knowledge of digital marketing.

3. UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design is the designing of the user interface for software, apps, website, machine, and appliances for the purpose of maximizing user experience and interaction.

UI/UX Design skills

In terms of market saturation, the skill is quite rare compared to the above-mentioned skills and it comes with a lot of potentials.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic Design can be defined as the ability to visually interpret information using digital software to enable end-users to understand the message passed across to them.

top Most Demanded Skills

This is a core skill that can not be negotiated in today’s technological age we find ourselves, design is one major aspect of internet activities. Professional graphic designers can earn as much as $500-$1200 dollars per project making the skill a very lucrative one.

5. Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is the process of developing apps for mobile devices targeted for specific or various tasks. Mobile users interact with this software via various operating system environments majorly Android and Ios.

Mobile app development skills

Developers across the globe come together to write codes for complex integrated software which are called open source projects. This skill requires the ability to code using java or various machine learning languages. App developers earn one the highest pay in the freelance industry.

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Earnings most times are determined mostly by skill acquisition levels and experience, take for instance on Upwork freelancers are ranked based on the number of total completed projects, client reviews, and experience. You can check out the top freelancing app you must have as a freelancer.